Posted by: flamingodebra | June 2, 2009

A New Week Already?

I can’t believe last week is done and May is done!  I did finish quilting one quilt last week, a Border Creek Double Cross Mystery quilt…. our reveal is June 13 so I will save the pictures until then! 

And just when I thought I’d get a good headstart on the next quilt, two boxes arrived on Friday…. do you believe that 4 bolts of Backing Fabrics and 22 bolts of incredible Japanese Indigos and some other wonderful fabrics can fit into two boxes?  Here’s a picture of the state of things as I was unpacking!  IMG_1053Then, the tricky part, finding a place to put it all.  I cleared the stuff off  of two shelves and rearranged things, it all seems to fit and it looks great!  I will get some pictures of the new stuff itself on soon!  I do have to get a quilt or two done before then though!  I am a bit behind now…. 

On Saturday, we had our “Quilters Day Out” with the Long-Arm girls… well Donna and Valerie were the only ones that could come out to play so we had fun for everyone!  We painted fabrics and did some sun printing….using Set-A-Color Paints from Pebeo.  Donna did some incredible pieces that she could just finish into a wall hanging… Valerie got some cool effects and colour combos and this was what I ended up with:)

IMG_1056This was my favorite, I did it at the end of the hot day, cold beer in hand and all of the rest of my stuff taken care of – no distractions, no rushing.  I started with a very wet piece of  fabric, splotted on some diluted yellow and splashed  on some diluted green and blue then full strength on the peachy one with a brush.  I put it out on the grass and threw some coarse salt on it and Voila! IMG_1058IMG_1057Here is my silk scarf, I am not totally pleased with it and I will get some brighter colours on it next time.  The purple one was my first try,  I put some green triangles on it and then some coins while it was out in the sun, I did get a bit of printing effect…. It was really an experimental day and the next time we do this, we’ll have a better plan of attack now that we know what we are capable of!  I did a few more pieces just wiping up the  table – they turned out ok, then I put all the leftover paint on them and they got muddy looking…. it was worth a try!   All that and we had a nice lunch, the beer-up-the-butt chicken was a little crispy but went well with Donna’s Potatoe Salad and Valeries Cheesecake….mmm breakfast?


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