Posted by: flamingodebra | May 15, 2009

My Trip

I got home on Monday and I really enjoyed my trip!  I had a visit with a dear friend – her kids asked how long we’d known each other and we said “forever!”  – she was born three months before me and we were neighbours for many years….Liane is in more home movies than I am, once I was born, my mom didn’t have time to film I guess…. She gave me my first haircut – with the pinking shears – and I got started on hers just as we got caught.  I ended up with a brush cut, she kept her long, lucious curls.

Sarah and I spent a day shopping, we did well.  We looked at lots of stuff, didn’t buy much (except at Ikea) and then we had dinner and went home to sleep.  The next day, while she was at work, I returned and exchanged things,  spent some time in the craft store and went back to Ikea… then went to my brother’s and had a great visit there. 

On Saturday we went to visit my Grandma, about 3 hours away…. turns out my Dad had the same idea!  He didn’t know we were going, he couldn’t access his voicemail, I should have called him again….We had a nice lunch, looked at some photo albums and then Grandma gave me some fabric and Sarah got her afghan that we shopped for yarn for last time we were there….IMG_1012.1

My Grandma is 90.  She’s very busy playing cards and crocheting.  She has her hair and nails done every week – she looks great!  I used to spend my summers with her and I am pretty sure she is responsible for my creative genes…. she had flower shops and we always did crafts and sewing.  It was great, we could spread out over her whole house and work on something and didn’t have to worry about  putting everything away all of the time!  When I was 9, I started figure skating – so did my Grandma, we also began writing stories and quilting around the same time.  She has been an inspiration all of my life!  And I do hope to have my fingernails “done” like hers on a regular basis eventually too.

Mother’s Day was awesome, Sarah made me breakfast and then went to work, leaving me to a few hours of liesure and puttering before she picked me up to go to my brother’s for dinner.  He did about 10 pounds of chicken wings in the turkey fryer and we had a wonderful dinner on the deck with the whole family, including Tiger the dog.

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