Posted by: flamingodebra | May 4, 2009

Workin’ like a Maniac

I am for sure hittin’ the road on Wednesday morning to visit my kid, my grandma and the rest of my family for an extended weekend.  Things are ramping up here at the motel and we won’t have a break until tourists trickle off, usually October or so.  Consequently, I have finished all but two customer quilts that I have here.  One of those is booked for June and the other will get done first thing next week!

Here is Barb A’s quilt.  It was a mystery quilt and Barb wasn’t very excited about how it went together… but it turned out just fine!






This is Nina’s quilt, she made it for her mother and will be giving it to her for Mother’s Day this weekend.img_1005img_1006img_1007





I have had a ton of kind thoughts from lots of friends and quilters and I’d like to thank everyone, it is nice to know that I’m not alone even if I’m lonely without my Vita…. I am not the ‘basket case’ that I was when I lost little Levi… yet.   A little trip should help.


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