Posted by: flamingodebra | May 2, 2009

Quilts, Glorious Quilts!

Here’s a shot of what’s gone on here at the Quiltworx this week.  After a trip to Rossland for the West Kootenay Quilting Conference on Saturday, I spent the day Sunday cleaning up and reorganizing the shop a bit.  I have a couple more ideas of things I’d like to do…. then I’ll post a page with pictures. 

When I got everything in its place, I could finally get to work and I loaded Rhonda B’s quilt, simply beautiful.  And the piecing, see how all of the little centres of the blocks all line up? This impresses me, I wish I could piece like this.img_0959img_0960img_0961




The allover Flower garden has roses in the quilting to echo the roses on the fabric.  The thread is a Madiera variegated in a teal, silver, pink combo that you’d never expect but it really did the job.

This is Sue P’s quilt, I think it is the very first one that I have quilted that has been made exclusvely with fabrics from the Quiltworx!  That’s exciting for me….. the quilt is gorgeous, and both Sue and her daughter claim that this block is very simple to make, looks pretty intricate doesn’t it?





This is the back, the allover pattern is quilted with Superior Rainbows in Turquoise and Chocolate, we used it on the back too – it was pretty cool.

Linda Chm has a beautiful quilt that she made a few years back, lots of hand quilting and the piecing is awesome.  Since the quilt gets used, the borders have worn out so she’s going to remove them and replace them with these borders I quilted for her – seems like a lot of work to me but what a great way to save the quilt.  The batting is Hobbs Polydown and it gives it a nice loft.img_0954


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