Posted by: flamingodebra | April 26, 2009

A Fresh Start Monday!

Tomorrow is Monday, a Fresh Start for me!  I reorganized and tidied up my studio after the West Kootenay Quilt Conference.  I have some gorgeous quilts to do before the week is through!  I can’t wait!

We all went up to Rossland yesterday and enjoyed a whole day of quilts, visiting with old friends and new and a bit of quilt shopping too!  I spoke as my guild did their presentation and things went well until…. my throat closed up and dried out!  Thankfully, someone handed me a bottle of water and I got through the rest of the presentation!  I had prepared a whole thing and I ended up “wingin’ it” anyway – I think it went well.  Many thanx to the nice quilter that gave me a cough drop when I was done:)  I cut hundreds of fat quarters and jelly roll strips – and I didn’t even get to a whole shelf of bolts – I gave up about midnight Friday since I had to leave the house Saturday morning at 7.

I wanted to leave at 7 sharp, grab a coffee and have a nice, leisurely drive, however, I could not find the keys to Frank’s car ( I haven’t found them yet, I even checked the dog’s bed – she’s a key stealer ).  So Frank gave me his keys.  He likes to warm up the car and when he started mine – to get to an Open House – he got out and locked the door…. then called to see if I had left My keys at home… nope, they’re in my purse.  He’s resourceful and made it to where he had to be – on time…. he’ll be glad to get his new car home this week with the combo door locks.

Vita is doing OK, the blood tests and the abdominalcentisis both say it could be one of three things, great…. nothing specific we can do to make her more comfortable.  She’s eating puppy food for extra protein and the adema in her back legs seems to be going down.  We’ll have to wait and see.  Yesterday she was almost her old self – well enough to take the Skittles out of my purse and lick them all ( I don’t think she ate many – I didn’t get any at all).


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