Posted by: flamingodebra | March 23, 2009

Spa Day!

Well, we had to be at the spa by 10 this morning…. Vita had an appointment!  She had her hair done and her nails and relaxed in the sun with her new friends Enzo and Lilo.  Then she crawled into Lilo’s Toy Basket and cuddled with the toys.  She loves having a shiny coat and a new bandana.

She was so comfortable at Toby’s Doggy Do that she didn’t want to come home, just like Sarah used to be at Daycare.  If you are looking for an awesome groomer, drop me a note and I’ll give you her number…..Vita loves Auntie Toby!  Her doggie salon is clean and bright and comfy.img_0850


This is Sandi’s quilt.  Sandi borrowed a quilting book last fall and proceeded to make quilts!  This is one  of her first scrap quilts and she’s done a number of table runners and little wallhangings…. now she is taking Jean’s beginner class and – looimg_0852k out – she’ll be a quilting force to be reckoned with.img_08511




So, three quilts went home today and one arrived!  And I expect 3 or 4 more to arrive by the end of this week.  I had better get some energy and get some quilts done!  I can’t wait to work on the ones I have got now!  Life is good.

I have been reading the Twilight series, I am halfway through the third book, Eclipse… they are just jam packed with action and excitement and I can’t put them down….. so we rented the movie Twilight yesterday and it was EXCELLENT!  We really enjoyed it.  I was glad to have read the book first though.  I think that the book would have been less exciting if I had seen the movie first.  Deb has my copy…. she must not be reading it, she hasn’t been dying to talk about it. 

On a Deb note, I did have her crying within about 5 minutes of sitting down at Ladie’s night.  Deb, Sher and Lori and I went out for appies and cocktails on Saturday.  It usually takes me ten minutes to get Deb laughing so hard she’s crying….. I usually remember what it was about – I can’t this time…. sorry – it was VERY FUNNY.   Yes, Sher and Lori laughed too but they never cry…..


  1. Cool pics! I love that my quilt made it on your blog. I am in the midst of making a label. I guess I have to get a fabric marker or learn to embroider better. I will definitely include you as my quilter and inspiration.

    I am sort of a force to be reckoned with. Morseso, if I had an Elna 72 or 7300 Sewing machine. But I may be forced to work with a Euro pro if I don’t cave and either buy one from Jean or Ebay..

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