Posted by: flamingodebra | March 21, 2009

Another Week has FLOWN By

Can you believe it is Saturday already?  This has been one of those weeks with no sleep, terrible eating habits (who brought those chips home?)(they were on sale….) and drizzly weather.  Today the sun is shining as well as it can and we have some quilts to show you!

Butterscotch Bali Pop.  Doesn’t that sound soooo yummy?  A Bali pop is a package of Hoffman Balis in 2 1/2″ strips, and then you add a background fabric and a border and voila!  img_0846





This is one of Debbie from Kelowna’s quilts.  The pattern is called Tradewinds and it available for download from the Hoffman Fabrics Free Pattern page.  It is in the sixth row down – there are so many there and they are all nice.

Here is Debbie’s other quilt.  It is made out of Fireside – a fleecy fabric that has a soft feel.  The thread sank in but the quilting is still visible.





This is such  a cuddly quilt – I want it!



Also this week, Lola came to pick up her purple Magic Tile quilt.  This is for one of her sons, the other son’s quilt was done in autumny colours  – these purples really look great don’t they?  The thread that matched exactly was “Victorian” in the Superior Rainbows, I think it is a new colour – I love it…. img_0829img_0830



We quilted funky shaped boxes all over to feature the pieces of tile. 


This week I also had the new quilters from Jean’s Material Things stop in  for a visit during their Tuesday night beginner’s class.  So great to meet some fresh quilters with all of  those new ideas whirling around.  Thank you for coming to see me, I hope that you continue on your quilting journey and get to try out all the patterns and techniques that intrigue us all along the way!


  1. The Bali Pop is cool! What a great way to use strips of fabric! Good for the jelly rolls!

    I haven’t seen the Fireside before, it almost looks like micro-fibre or faux suede, is it? Looks very luxurious!

    I love the purple magic tile! Another inspiration! You are good at trying all different kinds of threads!

  2. The Fireside is similar to Minkee I’m told… like a long-napped velour, just soooo soft. Debbie said it was very fluffy to cut. It stretches one way a bit and is slidey….. how’s that for an adjective.

    Really, I end up using Rainbows threads for most things, they are coming out with AWESOME new colours all of the time. I got a second cone of the pink/chocolate if you want to try it!

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