Posted by: flamingodebra | March 13, 2009

And it’s Friday Again!

Well,  I can’t believe it’s already Friday again!  I have seen so many great quilts and quilters this week – that must be why it flew by so fast….

This is Ev L’s Blue Snowman quilt you may have seen her Red Snowman quilt that I posted a few weeks ago…. it has some embellishment on it and this one will be absolutely gorgeous when she is done too!  The inside border fabric has some glow-in-the-dark stars on it.  I have had some YLI Glow Bug thread in my thread collection for years and there’s a little bit left so I gave it to Ev to try on this quilt… img_0821img_0823




The “Bluework” is all done in a variegated embroidery thread – what a nice effect.  I wish I could do hand embroidery… I am just not that patient… would never look as nice as this!

We also were able to quilt Nola’s Flannel Quilt – luscious and cozy!  When she handed it to me at the quilt shop a few weeks ago, I couldn’t put it down, it just begged to be cuddled…and now that it’s quilted – another layer of Bamboo comfort!img_0824img_0828





We quilted an allover Flower Garden  with Superior Rainbows ‘Treasures’ thread… it sank right into the flannel but catches the light sometimes…. we used the same thread on the back which was a deep purple hand-dyed flannel…. more lusciousness.

This week I have been listening to “The Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett.  I have been listening for about 20 hours now…. I haven’t seen ‘Oprah’, ‘Rachael Ray’ or ‘Steven and Chris’ all week.  I have had the paper copy of the book but have not been able to stay focused on it.  I was thrilled to find the audio book at the library – 32 CD’s – about an hour and a quarter each.   I may have to read it after listening to it…. it is very interesting and there are some exciting parts…. Vita made me stop it at a very suspensful moment today so I will be in the Quiltworx tomorrow as soon as Mystery Quilt morning is through…


  1. I just love the “bluework” quilt! I would really like to take some time to embroider!

    The sparkling of the thread in the flannel quilt adds a nice touch! Also, the pattern intrigues me. I like the way the lighter pieces meet up in the middle. And as usual, your quilting is fabulous!

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