Posted by: flamingodebra | March 11, 2009

A few tidbits

Wednesday mornings are always a bit long for me…. Frank has a regular Wed morn routine and I don’t get a stab at the bathroom until he’s done – one morning a week I can deal with it…so, consequently, I am still sitting in my jammies at 9am having one more coffee and surfing around.  I found this little bit on a site and I thought I’d share,

I know for some home based entrepreneurs you might be saying…so what’s the point of working at home if I have to get dressed? I have to tell you – I dress to feel good! And it shows! I meet lots of people everywhere I go – I’m dressed as though I’m engaged in life and that’s attracting to people.
This being the case, I really should get moving – showered, dressed and working.  I really want to get to Jean’s Material Things and pick up some of that Michael Miller Fairie fabric – she got the Cornflower fairy last week, I hope there’s some left.  I also want to pick up some wool for a Mother’s Day gift and Sarah put in a request as well…..
Another tidbit I have been meaning to share – ” As we grow older, our bones get heavier ”  that would explain why I can still see that slim girl in the mirror but the scale says different.  I knew there was an explanation.


  1. I feel so honored to have my saying quoted! It is a good theory and I am sticking to it. No diets for me. No way. I like to age gracefully but hope I don’t get a Quilter’s Butt.

  2. You should hope for a Quilter’s Butt…. the seams “butt up” against each other for great points and matching to make a clean design….

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