Posted by: flamingodebra | February 9, 2009

Honey, we’re home

We had a great weekend, 3 days in the Okanagan.  It was cool but sunny and we just walked and ate and shopped a bit.  We had exceptional service everywhere we ate but there were a few spots that were very pricey for small portions.  I had a ‘deconstructed cheesecake’ that looked like a one inch square of filling on a cookie…. $12.  There was a smear of raspberry coulee on the edge of the plate and a plum liqueur that I could have done without.  It was tasty but more would have been appreciated. I got some new running shoes, some new pins and a pair of new shoes, they are totally impractical but they are stunning.  Maybe they’ll fit Sarah….img_0713

Here’s a quilt that I was able to get done before Christmas but I didn’t get a picture of it, Glenna put it together in 2 days and then took home some other pink and chocolate fabric from the quiltworx to make one for herself.



Here is the biker chick quilt that went home this weekend.  It has lots of embellishment on it, buttons, gorgeous hand embroidery, ribbons, applique and beads.  I did a filagree kind of swirl through out the sashing and borders and loops in the blocks as best I could around the work that was done.img_0705

I didn’t take any pictures while we were away, I was just too relaxed I guess.  Got some great ideas for tiling the bathroom though and we have already booked our great motel-dog sitter  for our anniversary.  Another 3 days off soon, woo hoo!



  1. The shoes are gorgeous! I can see why you splurged! We’ll have to plan an outing so you can wear them!

    The Pink quilt reminds me of poinsettias!

    What’s the story behind the biker chicks? Does everybody do a block? Looks like a wonderful friendship quilt, with lots of memories.

  2. We will have to plan something that doesn’t involve a lot of walking…The pink quilt was a simple pattern according to the piecer…. she cut and pieced that in two days! And yes, the biker chicks each do a block – what a special momento!

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