Posted by: flamingodebra | February 2, 2009

These quilts went home last week

Well, last week saw Linda Chm take home her third Border Creek Mystery Quilt…. this one was for her, a nice lap quilt to wrap up in.  Her choice of fabrics was very soft and the subtle change in values was quite effective.  I quilted the All Over Flower Garden on this one too!  It comes out different every time!img_0692  You can click on the pictures to blow them up to see better…

img_0689These quilts belong to Leona, she does a great job and when I dropped them off she was commenting that soon she’d have to move out of her place because there were so many quilts they were taking over! 

img_0697She does bring them two at a time, and then when those two are ready, there are usually two more.  Here is a Rail Fence that she made with leftovers from another flannel quilt.  I quilted big swirls onto it with a Wonderfil Silco Thread that just sank right into the cozy flannel.img_0700img_0701




This quilt was started to use up scraps.  The pattern is called French Braid or Pioneer braid and is very simple and works up quickly.  In fact, before you know it, the braids keep growing and you have a huge quilt!  The sashing and borders have spools of thread on the fabric, what fun!  There are feathers quilted up and down the braids and through the sashings.  Feathers are really one of my favourite things to do!

Well, I had better get to work now…. I have to finish the quilt that’s on the frame and hopefully another before we run away for the weekend to Penticton!  My month in Arizona has turned into 3 days in the Okanagan.  Same thing right?  After all of the snow we have had, we couldn’t just leave… and it started again yesterday… hope Suzanne doesn’t have to shovel, Vita doesn’t like to get her paws wet, so she’s not much help.


  1. Nice Quilts!

    The sashing fabric in the pioneer braid looks like a braided rug!

    Have a great weekend! You deserve it!

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