Posted by: flamingodebra | January 31, 2009

Where has the week gone?

This was a busy, yet seemingly unproductive week?  Saturday I dropped into the “Woven Fabric” class our guild arranged and had Rae Salkeld from Heart n Sole in Grand Forks, BC.  I actually had a quilt to drop off ….img_0660img_0661img_0663


This is Arlene C.’s quilt, she did an awesome job!  I think she got the pattern out of a book called “Batik Beauties”.  We added a filigree kind of swirl to mimick  the swirls in the fabric in the centre and the border.

Then on Sunday, I went with the girls to do the painstik stuff, I got frustrated trying to download the pictures  on my previous post, so I’ll try again now to show off  some of what we produced.img_06771img_0683img_0682img_0680

I had prequilted this piece with Wonderfil Mirage thread and then I used stencil brushes and put the paintstik onto a piece of waxed paper and picked it up on the brush from there.  I really like the effect.  On the left, these were rubbings on a variety of items.  I think there is a little bit of everyone’s stuff here.  And, we had to take our items out to Donna’s sunroom to lay them out to dry a bit…. what a view!  And then you turn around and you see her A-1 through the patio doors too.  img_0686img_0679

So you get this view whether you are sitting on the antique church pew having a morning coffee or you are at the machine quilting .  I doubt that I would be able to get much work done because I’d be staring out the window all day.  Sorry about the reflection on the window but it gives you some perspective doesn’t it?  Monday we went to Nelson for lunch and picked up some quilts.  Tuesday I was only trying to trim some quilts up and I just could not get it done!  Wednesday, I wanted to get that last quilt trimmed, but no – so I did the GST, spent 4 hours entering the last quarter’s bills.  Thursday a new quilt arrived a sister to this one that I quilted last winter for Ev L.  Ev comes from Saskatchewan to spend the winter with her grandkids…. I worked with her daughter-in-law Carol in Calgary but it seems like the only time I get to see Carol – who lives right up the street yearround – is when Ev’s in town.  Again, I am hangin’ out with the Grandmas, which I love…. img_0693img_06951img_0696img_0694

This is just stunning.  Ev does the redwork embroidery and then adds a variety of blocks around the border.  Some of the blocks are “shadowed” with organza over them.  After it was quilted, a ton of beads were added and it just looks awesome!  Can’t wait for the new one, it is all in blues.  On Thursday, I also got a biker chick birthday quilt loaded and started… there’s a group of women riders here “Women are Riding”  WAR that each do a block for a special birthday (50 or 60) and make up a quilt…. I have two to do right now.  These girls also do a T-Shirt quilt to raffle off as a fundraiser for Cancer research every year.  Friday I delivered some quilts and tried to recover from the accupressurist.  Then we went to an office party last night and were fed a ton of great food and entertained by Phil Koochin and his guitar – what a treat….. it was hard to not sing along (after a few drinks) but he didn’t mind.

Here it is Saturday morning and I opened my email to find out that my oldest friend (since we were babies) has a very ill father.  Things don’t look very good right now, but they are trying to be positive and pray for the best.  This puts a lot of perspective on things, her dad and mine are the same age, I can only imagine what is going through her mind at this time….



  1. Glad to see you are keeping yourself busy. First of Feb today and we had rain for 2 days now it’s snowing and -10. I am ready for SPRING!!

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