Posted by: flamingodebra | January 22, 2009

Some New Arrivals

Here are some additions to the Hoffman Gypsy Princess collection here at the Flamingo.


And a few weeks ago, I took an afternoon and assembled “Sweethearts Garden” kit from Benartex.  And I even got it quilted and bound – very rare occurance for me!

img_06581Sideways again, someday I’ll figure that out, but you get the idea.

The Castlegar Quilters Guild met this week, our first meeting of the year.  It was really enjoyable – everyone revealed their favourite quilting tool.  The most popular was the Clover Seam Ripper, many like their bias square rulers in various sizes, another was a bamboo skewer for holding things and placing small pieces.   Yet another had an assortment of dental tools and suture scissors.  I took my ShapeCut ruler, with the slots in it.  Helps me to be consistant, cut lots of strips without moving the ruler and then turn it 90 degrees to cut squares.

We were also asked to bring and show a UFO and tell a bit about it.  I took a pizza box with a “Hidden Wells” quilt in it.  I cut the strips out when I first got my ShapeCut ruler and then started putting blocks together.  For some reason, they didn’t match up when they were sewn then cut and I abandoned it for something else.  The whole idea was a Guild Challenge  in disguise and now I have until September 1/09 to get it done…. not a bad way to get a 2 year old project finished.  Many others had 8 and 9 year old things they brought along….I didn’t feel so bad.


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