Posted by: flamingodebra | January 9, 2009

This Week at the Quiltworx

There have been a few quilts go home this week.  It has been snowing (see my last post) and then we had a day of rain too…. the highways were ALL closed.  I wasn’t too affected until I went to the grocery store and there was nothing left in the produce department, milk and bread were scarce too.  Yikes!  It’s all good now, thankfully the roads opened up late yesterday  and truckloads of stuff arrived early this morning.

Back to the quilts;

This one is call Autumn Rush.  It belongs to Muriel.  She did an awesome job picking out the fabrics for the leaves and her applique stitches were impeccible.










This one was done by Timmy-Jeane, a work colleague was diagnosed with an illness and he will need to keep warm during his recovery.  TJ “sold” blocks for friends to write a message on.  The response quickly grew and she was able to put together this beautiful quilt.  Many of the poems and good wishes were very touching.  We should take more opportunities to tell the people that we care about how we feel about them.








And this quilt evolved out of Verna’s scrap bins.  She put a bunch of bright and fun blocks together to make this quilt for her mother.  She will probably get the quilt in time for her 100th birthday!


The back of Verna's quilt

The back of Verna's quilt

Tomorrow is Mystery Quilt day so we’ll go to Jean’s Material Things in the morning to get this month’s instructions for the Border Creek Mystery Quilt and then Dorothy and I are going to spend the afternoon catching up (I have the last 3 months to do yet).  Tonight is Quilt to You Wilt, I had planned to go but I am already wilted.  We were up very early and naptime was cut short today.



  1. As usual, your quilting is impeccable and the quilts gorgeous!

    What a great idea TJ had for that quilt! She put a ton of work into it, too, good for her. I love her bear paws blocks!

  2. Thanx Gloria, it was fun to work on too!

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