Posted by: flamingodebra | January 6, 2009

When Does it End?

I am talking about the snow.  It is literally “pouring” from the sky – like rain!  It is relentless.  This was how much we got the first blast – one day’s worth – Dec 12.  img_05531

You can see the birdbath and the picnic table in the top of the picture.  That was how much we got in one day.

This is how things looked an hour ago:


You can’t see the birdbath anymore andthe snow is as deep as the height of the picnic table.  The lump closer to the front is the winter pond… those fish better be sleeping or they may suffocate!

Frank shovelled the walk before he left for the office later this morning…. it started to snow about noon-ish….. the path “walls” here are up to my hips (I know that isn’t too high, ha ha ha).  Many people are commenting that they feel trapped by the snow,  you have to take a mountain pass to get east or west or north.  If you can go south, you get to Spokane and they have just as much, if not more, snow so their flights are not going anywhere either! 

Sounds like good quilting weather to me!




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