Posted by: flamingodebra | November 21, 2008

I have been BUSY

Here are some pics of some quilts that went home this week!  Diane P did this awesome Trapper’s Star Log Cabin.  And I got to do freehand feathers everywhere.  Including some flowing wreaths in between the points of the star.







And there is also this Confetti Tablecloth.  The border fabric has these beautiful butterflies and flowers, very vibrant and perfect for this piece.  Scrappy quilts are beautiful!img_0431img_04331  And more feathers – too much fun for me.







And here is Alice’s quilt.  It’s her first quilt and she has done a tremendous job.   We did an all over swirl and it fanned out to follow the cross hatch type motif in the border fabric.img_0448img_0450

So far, that’s what I got this week.  I haven’t done very much else, I have found lots of old friends on Facebook.  If  you had hours and hours, you could just research tons of people.  I think I found someone that I have mistaken for someone else though…. I’ll have to clarify I think!

Happy Friday!



  1. Wow, Debra! Beautiful work! Facebook can take up alot of time, eh? Even if you don’t communicate much with someone, it still keeps you in touch!

  2. I haven’t even started looking for quilters on facebook yet! Yikes. Looking forward to Sunday’s Lunch(next week)

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