Posted by: flamingodebra | November 13, 2008

Some progress is starting

Well, I seem to be getting some momentum back, Yesterday I finished one and loaded and started the next one!  Friday night we had Quilt til you Wilt at Jean’s Material Things and I was able to put this little bag together.  img_0424 I had grand plans of getting four of them done but, it is a bit more fussy than I thought it would be.  I have 4 more sets of inter-facing insides cut out, so I guess when I have a moment, I’ll put some more together.  Ha, ha, a moment.  I have 15 quilts to quilt (at last count) before Christmas.  Sarah is coming home on the 23rd of December and I want to be able to just hang out, watch movies, kick some Monopoly butt and eat yummy things.  I can’t wait!

Yesterday, I went to Bourbon Street, our local “nice” clothing store.  I went to pick up tickets for a fund-raiser fashion show on Saturday, November 15th.  I started looking at stuff and was going to formulate a plan for a Christmas party outfit.  Well, I ended up with a great outfit.  The black jeans are a size I have not worn for years – so it didn’t matter that they were the most expensive pants I have ever purchased!  Funny how that works.  They do look nice and are very comfortable.  The blouse and Jacket are very sharp – I won’t be the schlumpy one when I go out in this outfit!  And Karen at Bourbon Street put two more great fitting pieces aside to ease Mr. Frank’s shopping pain.

I had better “get at it”.   Lots to get done and some energy to do it!



  1. Cute bag! Love the fabric!
    Ummm, if the size of your new pants is smaller, then I’m jealous!
    Wow! 15 quilts! You go, girl!

  2. Thanx, I just happen to have a bolt of this fabric in my little shop…. and yes, the new pants were a few sizes smaller. I think that the company does that for the psychological sale….. When I asked for my usual size, they brought me two sizes smaller to start with…..

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