Posted by: flamingodebra | September 30, 2008

I am still here!

It has been crazy around here, motel guests, quilts – they just keep coming!!!  We have now officially had 8 empty rooms in the month of September, there were 2 in August and none in June or July….. lots of laundry and bed making…. thank goodness for help!!!

Our group of gals is counting down the days until we leave for Tacoma and MQ Innovations.  There are four of us travelling together, we will be thinking about our fifth who was unable to join us this year.

We leave Tuesday.  We get back Sunday.  The Castlegar Quilt show sets up on Thursday and starts on Friday for the whole weekend.  I only have one more quilt to quilt – it is a big ‘un and I hope to get a couple of the samples I have waiting quilted too before the show.  I am taking a class on blogging at Innovations so hopefully, I will be able to keep up this stuff with the greatest of ease…..


Talk to you all soon,

Debra and Vita


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