Posted by: flamingodebra | August 18, 2008

Since Thursday

This is what I have accomplished since Thursday – the Asian Quilt on the right has gold metallic thread and a freehand rendition of Gingko leaves, simple and elegant.  The Friends are Flowers quilt is froma Mary Englebreit kit.  Both Quilts are made by Suzanne P, her quilts are always fun and colourful.

Asian Quilt

Asian QuiltFriends are Flowers

Closer look
Closer Look

This gigantic, gorgeous quilt was made by Lynne M, she has an amazing way with colours doesn’t she?  I hope this pattern is the 54-40 or Fight…. we had a lady come in to our guild to teach this and another the same weekend. 

Closer Look
Closer Look
Close up of Quilting
Close up of Quilting

A simple freehand all over swirl was a nice compliment to the piecing of this quilt.  The chocolate border sets the stars off really well.

So it will be another busy week, lots of guests and quilts to take care of!  Happy, sunny days ahead……
And it was my birthday last week and I got some new golf clubs and a great bag – black with pink quilting!  It will likely improve my game tremendously (any little bit will help).

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