Posted by: flamingodebra | July 6, 2008

All Growed Up

My 19 year old daughter has taken the plunge.  She got her very own place after living with an Aunt and a cousin for the past year.  Just like that.  She mentioned it last week and made a few phone calls and found one. 

How do they grow up so fast?  Does independence happen incrementally or overnight?

In my heart, I know she will do great…. but I also secretly worry that she won’t need me anymore. 


Oh yeah, still waiting to hear about the dog.



  1. Mom, well Im all moved in!!! its crazy!! Im totally comfortable and so happy, Im not going to lie though, it was rather stressful!! Oh and I put those pictures in the walls with nails! but its going ot be fine I will only have to put, max, three holes in the wall ever!

    It’s also quite obvious that I need you! I have been on the phone with you everyday!!! Hahaha! If I could make you live with me I would!!!

    Ps, the quilts are beyond gorgeous!!! You certainly have a gift, oh yeah how much longer till my quilt! ah wink! hehe and Im still thinking yellow throw pillows and a yellow throw with black covers, hmmm.

    well love you see you soon!!! (very excited)

  2. Deb, you are a Rock Star now with your award, blog and new dog Vita. I am so proud of your success and your daughters success. They seem to become independent all at once! My 19 yr. old son just left for 10 mo. solo work visa to Australia. I sat in the greyhound parking lot and cried my eyes out. He will be fine but yikes that last one leaving is a big hollow in my life.
    Think of you tons, you are an amazing artist and amazing woman.

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