Posted by: flamingodebra | July 5, 2008

Waiting (Im)Patiently

Here I am, waiting to have an email returned about a new (to me) puppy.  My Levi passed away this spring and I miss him so much, I didn’t know it could be like this.  He literally was my constant companion.  He was with me 99.5% of the time.  I would have trouble sleeping if he wasn’t snoring on the floor beside the bed. 

I am aware that I do have a husband who is wonderful, but he isn’t home all the time.  I have a fabulous daughter that is smart and independent and moved 7 hours away to go to school and follow her dreams.  She comes home every chance she has – we had a great weekend last weekend!  Movies, great food and general hanging out. 

Without my dog, I am lonely.  My friends and my husband all agree I need another dog.  So I am waiting.  I have sent the adoption application and a list of questions about a rescue dog.  I am waiting to have a reply to ensure that I(we) qualify and every time I check my email, the answers to the questions matter less and less. 

All good dogs come to those who wait.  So I will wait.  I’m sure I’ll get an answer soon.



  1. While reading this my eyes welled up.
    I’m still sad for the loss of Levi, truly one of the best friends you will EVER have.
    I hope Miss Vita helps fill the void, and brings anew much joy, love, and laugher.

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