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Some finishes

I finished another customer quilt, that makes 3 so far this year, I took the winter off of quilting for others thinking I’d get so many of mine done that I’d free up a whole closet full of space. I started more than I finished, so technically, I am further behind than when I started!

This is Leona’s Cosmic Jewels, it’s a king sized quilt, made with a kit bought at Heart n Sole in Grand Forks…. beautiful!



While I was retreat last week, I finished nothing, made some progress on a few things and started this one. Then I found out that a great friend’s daughter received horrible health news. This young woman has faced a few big challenges and triumphed like a trooper so I am certain she’ll continue to do so with this one! She has a wonderful family and a huge support system. About all I can do in these situations is make a quilt, so here’s hers, the front is a couple of jelly rolls and the back has the Healing Tree on it….. she loves bright colours, so I think she’ll like this! I put wool batting in it and washed it….. looks and feels snuggly.



I got an email the other day ‘Start a Mother/Daughter Book Club’….. and my daughter thought that it would be a great idea…. so she got to pick the first book, we are starting with The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Retreat! Retreat!

I am off to my annual Retreat, Quilters without Borders meet outside Couer d’Alene every April for 5 days to just quilt, visit and relax….. someone even feeds us. There’s usually another group of quilters on the weekend and we all sit down to dinner together and pop back and forth between sewing rooms to see what’s up….. it’s wonderful to just sit and stare out the window too, looking out over the lake is a great pastime.

So the shop will be closed all of next week, April 8 – 12, I’ll be back and rarin’ to go on the 15th. I have about 15 projects I’d like to start and about 30 I’d like to finish while I’m there so we’ll see how things go……. I’ll be happy if I get 3 things completed, really.

I did finish two customer quilts this week, Sharon won a set of blocks at last year’s West Kootenay Conference and added a few more to make up two single quilts…..the borders were cool.






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Back in Full Swing!

Well, after having the winter ‘off’ from quilting for customers, I am about to be in full ‘GO’ mode again…. funny how thinking that you have time makes you use it in different ways than intended.

I am off this weekend to a LongArm class with Judy Woodward.  The shop will be closed today, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  But we’ll be open next Saturday even if it’s the last Saturday of the Month when we are usually closed.

And to add to the whirlwind of activity, I got a ticket to an event the same evening as Flamingo Club.  So, I will be sending out an email but if you read the blog you’ll have some more time to think about it.  We can do the evening Flamingo Club on Tuesday April 1 or Thursday April 3, I’ll take a vote which will work best and then we’ll go with that….. sorry if that’s an inconvenience but the other group wouldn’t change their date for us…..

Here’s what I’ve been doing with my time…. I had 70 quilt tops to quilt but…. I started too many more projects and really got 3 or 4 of the 70 quilted.

016 003 014 005 006 002 008 011 004I got a Scan n Cut for Christmas, played with it and a pattern that was in the Canadian Quilter years ago, did two bedspreads for the motel rooms, Rico was posing here…. this is a collage of leftover trimmings, didn’t work out like I thought it might, my BQ3 quilt, it’s been waiting about 4 years to be quilted, the start of my Lonestar Pizzaz Block of the month, my Little Black Dress 10 minute block quilt, a baby quilt for a friend’s grandson and another from the leftovers – it’s going to Guatmala with the Nursing students from Selkirk College and finally my geese for the Glacier Star I’m working on.   So really, I have accomplished something…… just not what was intended initially.  The best laid plans sometimes get waylaid.

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Classes Finally!

I have finally set some dates for classes!  Check out our Classes by clicking on the tab above that says “Class List”.

Please contact the shop if you’d like to sign up for a class, email to or phone at 250-365-7978 (after 11am please) ….. and if there is a class you’d like to take but cannot attend the set date, or there isn’t a date set, let me know and I can maybe arrange something……or if you have a friend or two that would like to take the same class, we’ll make our own date.  Minimum two students, 3 is perfect and 4 is the maximum (and it’s cozy).

The Block of the Month – Lonestar Pizzazz is also on the class list.  We’ll start in February with our Lone Star points and meet up the last Tuesday of the month after that for 2 sampler blocks each month.  First Demo will be February 25th at 11:15, so come in and sign up so that we can get your fabrics all picked out and you can start right away.  We’ll need two main colours and a background.  My niece picked Orange and Purple with a dark background (think sunset…..).  You could also start with a border fabric and pick from there….. the possibilities are endless.

Classes start at 10am, with doors opening at 9:30 so that you can get set up.  It’s a great idea to come and pick your fabric ahead of time or if you have something you’d like to use and need a companion for it, that’s best done before class day too.

I have pretty much everything you need here in the shop and if I don’t I can certainly order it in for you.  I don’t mind to even lend you my tools for class, but if everyone wants to use the same tool at the same time, we may waste time waiting.

As you may know, I’m taking a little ‘me’ time away from longarming other people’s quilts.  I have started up a list to take quilts and I’m currently booking in July, 2014.  I know of some other fabulous long arm quilters in the area if you need something quilted sooner and I’d be happy to pass along their contact information.  I haven’t quit, just taking time to play…..

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2014 Begins

2014!  A New Year ahead of us!  Many people look ahead and make resolutions; others look back at the past year and their accomplishments and the things they’ve had the opportunity to learn from.  If I look ahead, I hope for more time with family, more projects finished and techniques to try.  When I look back, I see a year full of gratitude, grateful that my family is happy and healthy, grateful that I was able to see many old friends and family members, grateful that life seems to be going in the direction I was working towards.

This post is really more of a ‘quick note’ to say HAPPY 2014!  And to let you all know that I am working on my class offerings, when the doors open next week on Tuesday the 7th, I hope to have some new samples up on the wall and a schedule that works for lots of quilters!  So, stay tuned and we’ll be back soon!


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Don’t forget about PINK FRIDAY!  Special prices, special hours!!!  Come and see us!

Pink Friday November 29  9am – 6pm

On Selected Bolts – there’s over 150 – Buy 1m $8 , 2m off the same bolt $7 each,

 3m off the same bolt $6 each or 4m or more off the same bolt $5 each

Finish the bolt and get an additional 10% off.

All precut fabrics  - Fat Quarters $2.50, buy 10 or more and get them for $2 each

Half Metre cuts $4, buy 4 or more and get them for $3 each

Full Metre cuts $7, buy 4 or more and get them for $5 each

All remnants are 30% off marked price

Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and Bali Pops $35, Charm Packs $10

Notions/Patterns and Books are 30% off marked prices

Wide Backs and Packaged Batting are 25% off marked prices

All Regular Priced Fabrics, min. 1m cuts are 25% off,

Buy 4m or more off the same bolt for 30% off

Finish off the bolt for an additional 10% off.

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So Much has been going on!

Since my last post, I’ve done a lotta stuff…..I went to Portland, Oregon for MQX West and took 4 solid days of Classes!  It was so wonderful and I came home with an incredible amount of inspiration and knowledge!

Lots is going on at the Quiltworx too!  There have been quite a few quilts quilted, we started our Applique (fusible) Block of the Month and we have decided upon our Pieced Block of the Month and that should start in January….. Classes will also start in the new year, turns out our plan to get all of our customer quilts finished up by Oct 31 has not worked out at all… so classes will have to wait until those quilts are done and class samples are ready!

First of all, I will show you some customer quilts, I noticed how jumbled the pictures are on the last post, sorry about that.  They did make sense when I hit the button and than they do what they want to after that I guess……

These are Jo’s quilts, the split nine patch has an asian theme, the colours were perfect together and the Lonestar table topper was a lot of fun to qu019ilt!


This is Leona’s quilt, it’s going into the church fundraiser to build a new sanctuary at St. Rita’s after the fire.

009This is Cheryl C’s quilt, she used the Moda Evening Mist collection and added the olive green to really pop!  This quilt hung in the Nelson show and the back was just as pretty as the front!

002001These are Rhonda’s quilts, she entered the batik diamonds in the Saskatoon quilt show, because that’s where she lives! The Hawaiian quilt had some hibiscus flowers quilted onto it.006







I saw Val cutting pieces at a quilt show, she has Die Cuts for Quilters and I sent her home one day with some fabrics to cut in the Winding Ways quilt, I haven’t started sewing yet but half the work is done for this one, there are even some notches for matching the pieces…… her cutting fee was EXTREMELY reasonable for the time it would have taken me to cut this out!  My next cutting project will be some half square triangles, the cutting blunts the corners off so there’s no trimming and everything matches perfectly!  I can send you her number, just email me!

006This is Darlene’s Bargello, she made it for her husband.  It is truly a shame that these pictures looked so washed out because this is such a rich combination of browns, creams and golds!  I offered to buy the quilt from her husband and when he got home and opened it up, he called me to up the price.  Somehow, if I did come up with the thousands he wanted for it, I don’t think he’d part with it!


This is Sharon L’s quilt, she labels each one of her quilts and numbers them…. what a great idea, wish I had started that at the beginning.  I count the quilts I quilt each year (biggest year so far was 112) and I probably could count the number I have actually finished over the past few years…. 001This is one of June B’s quilts…. she’s been using up scraps for quite a while now, this is for a great grandson and each 16 patch has a different design to it.007







001 This quilt is from Day 1 at MQX, Jamie Wallen’s class From Start to Finish.  We pieced these from kits in the morning and quilted them in the afternoon.  I was the only one that finished quilting mine that day.  I asked Jamie to put his signature dragonfly on my quilt, that made my whole trip!  I brought my quilt home and after looking at it for a few days, I added some highlights in the red and changed the centre.  Then I sent pictures to Jamie, he’s posted them on his Facebook Page, so you need to friend him and then you can vote for me by commenting with the word VOTE on my pictures…. and I could WIN 4 days with Jamie at his studio, that would be the AWESOMEST ever!  Here’s what it ended up looking like!025 You can click on any of these pictures to get a closer look!



This is from Day 2, we were piecing a Lonestar quilt with Jerry Granata,  click on his name to see his famous Lonestar quilt, completely quilted on his domestic machine….. very impressive, lots of embellishments too.  He does some incredible work, so poke around a bit (google him) to see more.  This is how my star points should look, and when I got home, I got to work and put together some more, there’s quite a process to get the points to all match but it’s well worth it.  Unless you put all of your pieces together backwards.  It’ll be faster to make another than to fix this.


Day 3, I did classes with the wonderful Kim Stotsenberg and Robbi Joy Eklow….. and tried to shop but the Glide thread booth was almost sold out.  So my suitcase had clothes in it on the way home (I had packed some things I could leave behind if I needed more room).  This was morning of Day 4, painting with Irena Bluhm, we got a pre-quilted piece and some paint and this is what I came up with;094

This was the afternoon of Day 4, Thread Sketching with Claudia Pfeil, she came from Germany to teach, I am so glad she made the trip,  it’s just thread.133

That’s all of my excitement I can share with you today, here is a sneak peek at the Pieced Block of the Month we will start in January, it’s called Lonestar Pizzaz by Animas Quilts.  This is the setting for the King Size, there’s also an 81 x 81 Lap size you can opt for, it has only the centre lonestar and the in between sampler blocks.PizzazzKingPurple77-66And this is a link to a video on the Applique Seasonal Silhouettes Block of the Month we’ve started.  You can still  get involved!  The book with patterns  is $28 and each month, the blocks include the background fabric and the laser cut fusible shapes to make the block for $30/block.  You can buy the whole kit at once, one block a month or any number of the blocks at any one time.  I’m doing each individual block as a separate banner for my mom (don’t tell her) so she can hang a different one on her door each month!  You can opt to put them all together for a whole quilt too!

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Another Summer is almost up

It has been a whirlwind of quilts and guests all summer long.  We ended up our July Quilting for Calgary campaign with 36 completed quilts and 5 tops that went to Calgary.  Then we had some more dropped off by guild members and quilted by Timmy-Jeanne Quilting Arts and we were sent some to quilt too!  Huge thanx to Elsie Gates, Gwen Breen, Gloria Riebin, Heather Gates and Cathie Scott for their efforts to quilt, bind and label that batch!

Many customer quilts have been on the frame in the past few months too, and I have lots of pictures to share!  I may have missed one or two, please let me know if you don’t see your quilt here so that I can share it!  They are all so beautiful that they deserve to be seen!

This is Carol B’s quilt, a stack n whack made with a funky fabric picked out by Rod at Heart n Sole in Grand Forks, BC.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get it quilted in time for the Christina Lake Quilt Show, but it looked wonderful hung at the 10th Anniversary Quilt Show at Heart n Sole yesterday!


This is Jean H’s quilt, it’s from the Batik Gems book.


It was a challenge coming up with a quilting design for this one, but once I got it figured out, it worked out nicely I think!

023Another colourful creation by June B, this one’s for a great granddaughter…… lots of different techniques, bits and pieces…. always inspirational.025
Here is one of Verna’s quilts, she had this outdoorsy border stripe and added some strips in between…..then a few different blocks for a border, using up some autumn colours, more improvisation…… I know I should say ‘buy a pattern’ buy you could buy two or three and take the parts you like from each one and put them together…. (or make it up as you go, just remember the seam allowance).
Another of Jean H’s quilts, the front and the back are equally fun, we did a different fill in each block, such fun, I used the Angela Walter’s book for inspiration…..
Sharon D’s Trip Around the World, she is getting  a ton of quilts done these past few years!
006This is another one of Hedy’s Celebration quilts!  she’s made a few since our block of the month last year…. it is a fun quilt to work on, the pattern is available in the shop….. great for honing your piecing skills!
This is a little quilt that Charlie made up for her first Great Grandaughter.
These are Darlene’s quilts, you’ll be able to see them at the Nelson Quilt Show Oct 5th and 6th……
004 007 008003
Here is Mary’s 13 year quilt, she started it 13 years ago and finished it up as a wedding gift for her niece!
007 006 005
This is Joanne’s Fracture of the Daylily  from Frond Designs….. I didn’t see it in the quilt show yesterday,,,, maybe I missed it?
008 010
This is Nina’s quilt, made for a special niece who’s a Silviculturalist, so the trees and hummingbirds represent her very well.  You may be able to see this one at the Rossland Quilt Show, October 19th and 20th.
012 013 014 015 016
These are Deb B’s batik quilts, the second one with the motorcycle batik and the stars is from the book Strip Therapy 3 by Brenda Henning, there’s a copy in the shop for sale, lots of great ideas for Bali Pops or Jelly Rolls!
005 004 002 001
This is Darion’s quilt, he picked out the fabrics and the quilting designs and let his Auntie Nola make the quilt.  Snowman flannels from Northcott, nice and cuddly for a wonderful young fella!
007 008
This is Lorena’s Celebration Quilt, done in some gorgeous batiks, looks so different from the other two shown earlier doesn’t it?  One of the reasons I love to quilt……
002 003
Shirley F’s quilt, great modern design that sets off her blocks from a fat quarter bundle she really loved, the back is pretty cool too.
005 008 010
One of Jo’s quilts, many many black and whites with a little touch of colour added into the borders, ready for the Nelson quilt show….
I hope you enjoyed this little summer quilt show…. (or perhaps long blog post)  thanx for reading!
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Where does the time go?

It has been more than a month since my last post….. that month has included a wonderful, but busy, trip to Calgary for a Party for my Mom! She turned 70 this year and wanted to have a gathering and it was so great. Many people visited throughout the day, people I haven’t seen since I was a kid, the girl guide leaders, the friends from school, the grandkids friends. Everyone loves Granny Franny, and she was so thrilled to see each and every person that came out!

Then a few weeks after we got home…. the big flood in Calgary – the only day in the history of the world my dear daughter leaves her cell phone at home, the city declares a state of emergency….. she was flying out to a trade show that afternoon and she had a work phone….. took me texting until noon before I remembered….. everyone was alright but (as I knew would happen) they spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out a route downtown…. am I the only one that watches the news?

So many people I know are busy helping out, pumping, hauling muddy garbage and doing many things to ease the devastation experienced by scads of people. Alison and Kevin ran around Airdrie collecting blankets and necessities for the residents of High River and took two or three loads to Blackie that first day…… others offered their homes to strangers (thank you for your concern for my friends in Turner Valley) and it was a great feeling to know that Calgarians are still Calgarians, a great sense of Community.

I spent some time thinking of what I could do. I quilt, I’m far away and I want to help. I found quilters in Calgary and Edmonton collecting quilts for Southern Alberta Flood victims. My Sewing Room in Calgary and Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton as well as Traditional Pastimes in Calgary – and I am sure there are more – are coordinating efforts (they’re also looking for volunteers if you’re in their areas to do many things). So I put out the word to my fellow quilters in the West Kootenays.

I am off to Calgary next week, July 18 to drop off a LOAD of quilts! (The shop will be closed July 18, 19 and 20th) I figured I could get some of those quilts out of my closet finished off and maybe people might want to send some too……. at this point, I have over 30 completed quilts to take with me, a couple of tops with backs and there are some still coming from a gathering we had on Friday last week! Quilters are such generous people that I knew I’d get some but the response has been overwhelming….. we have a few ladies that are willing to quilt tops and apply binding…. and Calgary has a team all set up to quilt too if needed……

So there’s still time and there’s still room in the truck, so if you’d like to participate, please do! They are asking for quilts of any size so whatever you would like to come up with, please do.

They are accepting quilts right up until September 1st, and I have had offers of other shipping methods too…. so if you can’t make it in this week, there is still time!

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Another Gorgeous Sunday

The sun has come out to warm our bones again, things are blooming, the cherry trees are working their magic and we are just puttering around today getting a few things done before we leave for Calgary and the big Bday Party for my mom……. we get to see the kids’ new house too, very excited for that!   and as always, we’ll get a great visit in with my brother and sister-in-law I hope!

So, from Wednesday this week May 29th until Wednesday next week, June 5th, Cathie will be having a Boss Is Away Sale.  There will be selected bolts  on sale, buy 1m for $10.  Buy 2m off the same bolt $9/m, Buy 3m off the same bolt, $8/m and buy 4m or more off the same bolt for $7/m.  All other, regular priced items will be 20% off.  So you can stock up on pieces for Backs, summer projects and build your stash!

Here’s some quilts that have been quilted lately,

ImageThis is Leona’s quilt, it’s a split 9 Patch.  She calls is Starry Starry Night, so we quilted it with stars and loops.


This is Hedy’s Celebration in Stonehenge Aphrodite collection…. if this looks familiar, it is the quilt we did as a block of the month last summer, this is her third one, each a different colour, each a different look.  It’s not a difficult quilt to make but it is a good one to hone your skills….. the pattern is available here at Flamingo Quiltworx.

This quilt was made by Rae for one of her clients.  The butterfly is done with silver bias tape in a stained glass technique and the photos are printed onto fabric and applied to a musical staff.  The quilt is for a young lady’s graduation present.  Her mother wrote a poem that we quilted around the edge on the border…. it turned out pretty well!  There’s also a sun in the corner and the quilt will be finished with prairie points!  Beautiful job Rae!


Here are some of Sue P’s quilts, the first one is for her grandson, we put stars and moons and sons on it!  The second is made out of Blitzen by Basic Grey for Moda, the pattern is available here , about a third of the way down the page,  enjoy the other free patterns from Moda fabrics, we have lots of the fabrics in the store.


And this is Sue W’s first Table Topper, pretty fall colours……


Here’s a picture of my wisteria.  It grows all over the gazebo and has now climbed up the big trees beside the gazebo too!  It’s eye catching to see the purple flowers all the way up the pine tree.004006

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